Revive + Reset: Detox Part 2

It pains me as much as you to read New Year’s resolutions & pep talks so I had to wait until March to share with you our excitement in completing a 10-day detox with Revive + Reset. I’m so jazzed about my new food ‘toolbox’ that I might eat homemade chia pudding and (not homemade) fermented vegetables chased with some Dandelion Tea every day for the rest of the year! We’re in the business of healthy foods and love mindful cooking so lots of customers were surprised that we invested the time and energy in participating in a group program however it really taught us to be goal-oriented, inspired and creative in the kitchen.  We learned to meal plan, prep healthy meals on Sundays and repurpose left-overs into healthy mid-week snacks.  Someone commented that our fridge full of mason jars looks like science experiments when really, it’s full of chia puddings, almond cream, quinoa with sea veggies, kimchi, kombucha, beet/berry smoothies, miso and roasted chickpeas.

I’ve never eaten so much chia, avocado oil, coconut milk and cashews in my life. And I’ve fallen in love with red cabbage sauerkraut. Adding turmeric, ginger to my daily palate and cooking with sea vegetables is something I’d like to be more aware of when not making macaroni and cheese for the kiddos whom, by the way, fell in love with guacamole with a tablespoon of miso paste.

I’m looking forward to Revive + Reset’s that kicks off on March 19th because besides enjoying the methodic and healthful meal planning, I truly enjoyed the comraderie with our customers and making new friends from all over the country.